Codes showing up in the strangest places are becoming more common


QR Codes Showing Up in the Strangest Places

“Napkins-Only, the leading online provider of customized napkins, has spotted an opportunity to make use of QR codes. The company describes ScanNap as ‘the most affordable offline digital content delivery system.’  Napkins-Only prints customizable QR codes on any size of printed paper napkin, which a customer can scan with a smartphone.

When scanned, the QR barcode links a patron directly to a company’s customized online content. The barcode will open any digital content with a specific url: a website, e-book, video, coupon, downloadable app, etc.

The codes primarily link to restaurants or catering business websites. They are re-configurable and fully customizable.  Ultimately, the service provides an active aspect to an otherwise unnoticed part of dining.

Napkins-Only advises potential customers that the codes work best when printed in black and white. Colored napkins can distort the scan, and the codes may not work properly. The codes can be printed darker to accommodate color variance, but the company advises against using light ink colors, or dark napkin colors.

QR codes are gaining in popularity, but remain somewhat unknown. Nonetheless, people in New York City and Hollywood utilize QR codes as digital business cards. Aspiring actors and actresses even use QR codes to link to their online portfolios.

However, awareness of the codes remains sparse.  Many people still do not know exactly what to do when they see one. The public still needs more awareness and experience with QR codes before QR codes will integrate into society.”


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