Our Commitment to Recycling

At Napkins-Only, we focus on quality, American-made paper manufacturing. From the napkin pulp to the ink, from the packaging of the product to the shipping dock, we strive to provide a sustainable product that makes life easier, both for you and the planet.

Our napkins are always made from 100% recycled paper. We do not source virgin pulp. Of that, 30% to 80% of our pulp is from post-consumer waste (such as old phone books, boxes, and egg cartons).

Hand holding up a crumpled piece of green recycled paper
Recycling emblem made of cardboard

Our paper napkins are compostable and biodegradable. Our inks are American-made and USDA certified. We are Kosher compliant.

Most every ink is water-based and made with natural ingredients, including pine resin and vegetable oil. Many of our inks are de-inkable, meaning that later, the ink can be removed during recycling.

We strive to manufacture a clean product, free of harmful dyes or additives. By striving for purity, we provide a safer product for you and the environment.