ScanNap Printed Napkins

ScanNap QR codes connect the physical world to cyberspace

“Custom printed napkins that make you money, rather than adding an expense!”

Introducing the world’s first web-enabled printed paper napkin. ScanNap combines printed napkins with custom qr codes to create the most affordable digital content delivery tool. Your custom napkin delivers your online content directly to your captive customers.

Scan the QR code on your ScanNap custom napkin and your website opens on your smartphone


ScanNap makes you money. ScanNap bridges the offline world with your digital content by transferring your online assets directly into your customer’s hands.

When your guests scan their ScanNap promotional napkin, they are directly transferred to your online content. Deliver your website, social media page, mobile app, digital coupon, video, online game, event calendar, map, e-book, and more directly to your user’s mobile device. Even better, once embedded, your offer can be saved and shared with your guest’s friends and family, thus generating new business by referral, for just pennies per conversion!

ScanNap printed napkins are affordable. Our napkins are a recycled product. We keep our supply costs low to keep your printed promotional napkins affordable on any budget.


Do people still use qr codes?

Yes! QR codes got a bad rap in the early 2010s, primarily because: 1) few people had a smartphone 2) no smartphone came enabled with a QR code reader and 3) mobile internet connection was notoriously slow. But, both QR code technology and consumer lifestyle has evolved rapidly since then.  Smartphone usage is at an all-time high and projected to raise even more. Fast mobile internet is now the expectation. And more and more smartphones have QR code readers built into the stock camera app.

If your smartphone doesn’t contain a QR code reader? Many popular apps, including Snapchat, Pinterest, WeChat, Chrome (iOS), and Firefox, now come with code readers preinstalled.

And QR barcodes are on the rise! Mandatory food labeling has caused a surge in QR codes on food packaging. Following suit, organizations ranging from the US Postal Service, to New York’s Central Park, to big box retailers, to internet giants like Facebook and Twitter, have all utilized QR barcodes to offer deals, engage with patrons, and provide means of payment.

Creative marketing with QR codes is exploding!

What better time to launch a new marketing campaign then now?

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Restaurants utilize ScanNap to manage tables more effectively. Restaurants deliver menus, drink specials, and promotional items directly to customers waiting for the next available table. When seated, customers order faster, increasing table turnover and nightly profits.

Wine Tasting Rooms

Winery tasting rooms present ScanNap printed napkins to each new visitor with every pour, subtly delivering digital order forms and invitations to Wine of the Month Clubs before the visitor has even finished their first glass.

"Original Pizza Logs" 2 color custom ScanNap napkin with QR code
Entertainers –

Entertainers provide complimentary ScanNap promotional cocktail napkins to host venues and club owners during their scheduled performance times. In turn, the undiscovered comedian promotes their social media pages or online ordering and booking forms – before even stepping foot on stage.

Bands/Musicians –

Similarly, bands and musicians utilize ScanNap to direct fans to their YouTube channel, Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes links, or other social media pages. The band can immediately generate new revenue via downloads or get more followers – all before their live performance has even begun.

"Dockside" custom ScanNap printed napkin with 3 QR codes, for yacht club services
Writers/Authors –

Writers, authors, and bloggers use ScanNap to affordably self-promote their content. Writers provide free promotional napkins to cafes and coffee shops.  In turn, the writer receives an inexpensive distribution network for their work.

Non-Profits –

Non-profit organizations utilize ScanNap printed napkins as interactive party favors at fundraising events.  ScanNap links patrons to mobile donation pages, social media pages, cause awareness sites, and to formally recognize high profile key contributors and volunteers. In all applications, ScanNap creates buzz at each guest table.

"Dairy Nutrition Plus" 2-color ScanNap custom napkin

Does ScanNap work on any handheld device?

ScanNap works on any smartphone or tablet with an installed QR code reader. Code reader apps are available for free from any app store.

What colors are available for ScanNap?

For optimum results, we recommend dark ink qr codes on traditional white tissue paper. Certain light shades of tissue paper (such as ivory and pastels) will also achieve satisfactory results.

We cannot guarantee effective QR code scanning for any other color combination.

What happens if my ScanNap promotional napkin gets wet?

Your napkin will still scan! We have extensively tested our two-dimensional ScanNap matrix barcodes at all levels of saturation. Your ScanNap QR code will still scan error-free at any level of saturation, even if your napkin is soaking wet.

But QR barcodes are so ugly!

Not anymore! Advances in QR code readers allow for greater artistic freedom. Graphic designers are no longer limited to the simple black-and-white, boxy matrix. See 40 Gorgeous QR Code Artworks for examples of new, trendy QR barcodes.**


**Please note: While we can print very detailed artwork on napkins, we cannot guarantee effective scanning of a complicated matrix design, due to natural flex and ink fill inherent to the nature of our product. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions and we will advise you of your printing options.

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