About Us


In 1985, in direct response to the PC boom, we founded our parent company, Eagle Business Products, Inc. We provided printing services in Silicon Valley to the up-and-coming powerhouses of the burgeoning digital era, including: custom commercial printing (continuous multi-part forms, unit NCR sets, labels, envelopes, cut sheet), four-color digital and offset printing, screen printing, imprinted promotional products, and graphic design services. In summary, we provided the letterhead, stationery, envelopes, and business forms to rapidly expanding companies.

In 1994, we acquired Silicon Valley Printing. We began printing in-house. Overnight, we shortened customer lead time, setting the stage for our motto, “better napkins, fast.”

Paper for industrial printing next to commercial printing press
Key resting atop two kraft napkins with custom key imprinting


By the end of the 1990s, paper was becoming obsolete. Our company needed a change.

One night, our founder Brock Brereton was having a drink at the bar of a former Eagle customer that had recently switched to electronic business forms. Mr. Brereton was handed a branded napkin with his drink. As he absentmindedly gazed around the lobby, he spotted a janitor cleaning up napkins from an empty conference room.

“Why am I not printing on these? I print on everything else…”

The idea was planted; napkins, a disposable commodity, can never be mechanized or made obsolete.

And in 2004, Napkins-Only was born.


At the time, foodservice distribution powerhouses, selling everything from cabbages to dish soap to bulk paper napkins under one roof, dominated the custom printed napkin industry. We have always believed that printed products should be sold by a printer, so we set out to provide another option for consumers.

Through specialization, we achieved a cleaner, more streamlined ordering process. In turn, we provided more wholesale options for custom napkin colors and sizing, direct to the public. And we took it all online.

We are not a mega warehouse. We do not stock prints, tie up mills, or surround your order with red tape and frivolous delays. We do not price gouge. We simply provide quality, wholesale napkins, at factory-direct prices, as fast as possible.

We are the fastest in the industry for quoting (1 hour) and proofing (24 hours).

Smile to Go: stack of custom printed beverage napkins
Mi Familia: custom dinner napkin of family sketch


We believe strongly in providing quality products independent of monopolized bureaucracy. We strive to support the marketing and branding efforts of all businesses, from large corporations to small local shops, in communities nationwide.

And we believe that starts small… from the custom printed napkin. We strive to provide our customers with as many options as possible. If we cannot run your project, we will guide you to someone who can. We work continuously to maintain our standing as the best option in this industry.

Above all, we provide quality napkins. We take pride in our work. Custom printed napkins provide a vessel for our customer’s voice, and it inspires us every day.

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4 color process custom beverage napkin, next to yellow cocktail