Napkin Colors

PLEASE NOTE: A computer monitor will not accurately render tissue color. The PMS colors referenced below are an approximation, but serve as a guide only.

To ensure accurate color match, please request quote with sample.

The list above is a complete list of all available colors. Some colors can only be ordered at a certain size and quantity.

If you have a question about your prospective order, please message us  or request quote here.

Napkin Embossing / Surface Texture

All napkins require embossing. A “facial quality” napkin has embossing only on the edges (a “coined edge”). A “semi-crepe” napkin has embossing throughout the printing surface.

napkins with coined edge show a distinct "coined" pattern along the outer edges
Facial quality / "coin edge"
Napkins with semi-crepe texture have a "speckled" appearance all over