Customer Testimonials

“I’ve been searching for a California vendor for my napkin orders. I recently found the company, Napkins-Only, and they quoted me in 10 minutes, sent me samples, and were polite and helpful. The quote was less than the previous company I was working with, plus no shipping charges because they are in CA!
If you have wanted a West Coast napkin vendor, Napkins-Only is wonderful!”


Jean B., Trident Communications, Inc.



“I wanted to thank you again for making our rush delivery. We just received the napkins and they’re great.

I’m sorry that I always reach out to you with rush orders! But I’m always sincerely grateful for all your help.

Thank you!”

Mark K., Morgans Hotel Group

“We have been doing custom brand napkins for over 25 years. I would recommend Napkins-Only to anyone needing custom napkins. Their on-time quoting, proofing and delivery is unsurpassed!

A huge thanks to Anna and staff for their high standards and attention to detail, always making our job painless.”


Karen K., Coren Printing, Inc



“Forgive me for taking so long to thank you for your great service.  We were very happy with the final napkin order you produced.  We will definitely refer you to our membership of optometrists nationwide.  Much appreciated!”


Ro F., Cleinman Performance Partners


“Just this second received the hand towel napkin. It’s gorgeous!”


Liz C., Seraphim Skin Care