Advertising Industries

"Check the Neck" 3 color custom napkin for USA Pear Bureau
"Don't Drink and Drive" 4 color custom napkin, for non-profit
Las Vegas Harley-Davidson custom napkin for an advertising agency

Napkins for Advertising Industries

Custom printed napkins provide advertisers with an affordable, effective canvas for new marketing campaigns.

Paper napkins are disposable, portable, and endlessly customizable. Like traditional print media, paper napkins infiltrate a customer’s world, independent of screens and technology. Digital advertising is ubiquitous; even the best advertisers drown in the noise. Small touches, like the custom printed napkin at a street fair, break through that noise to get your message heard.

Paper napkins act as coupons, advertisements, or small portable bulletin boards. They are art projects, talking points, and checklists. Both large and small businesses use promotional napkins at trade shows, food tastings, corporate events, organized sporting events, and more. Custom printed napkins serve as utilitarian flyers, a necessary staple with added advertising benfit.

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