Foodservice Industries

Napkins, while a utilitarian staple of the foodservice industry, are not limited to banal functionality. With thoughtful custom printing, the napkin serves as a gentle directive to the consumer, a fusion of your marketing and utilities budgets.

A savvy restaurateur can print an appetizer menu, or a bar owner can print a list of drink specials, on their dinner or beverage napkins.  In both cases, your napkins subtly reinforce the customer’s desire to buy. Your customer reads your message while already contemplating what to order. This gentle encouragement simply entices additional sales.

To gain a potential new client, caterers can print their website or phone number on the napkins they use at a party to directly advertise to potential new clients.  A winery can print a QR code on their napkin, allowing consumers to directly scan to the winery’s online order page. In this way, napkins provide a unique canvas for marketing campaigns.