The Cereal Box Effect

    What could printed napkins and cereal boxes possibly have in common?

When you were a child, the cereal box held you captive every morning at breakfast. You perused the content, absentmindedly reading the type, perhaps appreciating a good kid-centric cartoon or two. But now you’re an adult. Those days are behind you. Or are they? Perhaps you still love the good ol’ cereal box. But more likely you are sitting alone, bored, in a bar. You check your phone. You glance down and staring back at you… the promotional printed napkin. Just like your childhood, you are held captive by the advertiser’s message staring you in the face. And you read it, again and again. And you remember it.

It is these moments of captive boredom that provide the most opportunity. Custom printed napkins, much like the cereal box, are a tangible part of your customer’s world. They can be seen, touched, and manipulated, unlike the digital content on mobile phones.


Digital marketing is everywhere, with ad blockers and banner blindness foiling many marketing campaigns. For this reason, the custom printed napkin stands out from the crowd. Your message, rather than drowning in the noise of cyberspace, is more likely to be read and absorbed. And your customers, immune to the digital messages constantly bombarding them, may pause a moment on your printed napkin. And your company speaks.