Hospitality Industries

"Outside Inn" four color process custom cocktail napkin
Get Brewing: custom kraft napkin instructional booklet, 6 steps on how to operate the Keurig coffee maker
The Rose Hotel ScanNap printed napkin with QR code

Hospitality Industries

Aside from obvious utilitarian use, the hospitality industry uses printed napkins to increase branding efforts.  A custom printed napkin subtly heightens a guest’s personal connection with your brand by demonstrating that your hotel or resort cares about all aspects of your consumer’s experience. It is these small details: the chocolate on on the pillow, the flower in the bathroom, the custom printed napkin, that demonstrate your true commitment to your customer’s well-being.

Each interaction your guests have with your company is an opportunity for branding and your custom branded napkins are no exception. Imagine a hotel spa that uses custom printed paper linen napkins at their infused water station, or a hotel lobby restroom that stacks custom printed guest towels in place of pull-down dispenser paper towels. Similarly, imagine the in-room napkins have the coffee pot instructions printed directly on them. Or that the custom napkins provided with room service orders list your drink specials downstairs.

Each of these small moments of convenience or luxury provides an opportunity to brand yourself. By taking advantage of each one, you are increasing the odds that the customer will associate you and your brand with their personal rest and relaxation, and increasing the odds they will return in the future.

Custom printed napkins are an indispensable part of your branding strategy.