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Napkins-Only Release First Promo Napkins Digitally Enabled for Mobile Content Delivery, the internet’s most trafficked web site for custom napkins, has released ScanNap™ for Catering, an innovative new line of digitally interactive promo napkins for professional catering companies

Codes showing up in the strangest places are becoming more common

Napkins-Only, a company that specializes in providing customized napkins, has spotted an opportunity to make use of QR codes.

Napkins No Longer Just for Wiping Your Mouth

Napkins are a necessary component to any quick serve’s operations, but one company is attempting to make it a necessary…

The Napkin That Plays Videos

When is a napkin more than just a napkin?When that napkin has a QR tag that lets you access content using your cell phone or other mobile devices.
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