Where Do My Napkins Come From?

Where do my napkins come from? How are napkins made? And how do they get to me?

Let’s explore these questions further!

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From start to finish, our napkins are 100% Made in America.

We start with 100% recycled material, 80% of which is post-consumer (think old boxes, paper bags, newspapers, etc).

Our pulp mills buy recycled content and convert it into commercial tissue rolls.  All pulp is made in America.  Fun fact: one tissue roll is 43 inches high, 26667 feet long, and makes 32000 napkins.

Our paper mills buy commercial tissue rolls and food-grade ink from American factories. All tissue and inks are certified by the USDA.

We process your order and send it to the mills. We communicate back and forth until your order is complete.

Our mills cut tissue rolls to standard sizes and custom print napkins on site.  Each mill employs 55 Americans, on average. Your order ships from the mill direct to you.

By communicating directly with the manufacturers, we keep overhead costs low and provide you with the lowest possible price for your napkins.

You receive your napkins in about three weeks.  The industry standard is six to eight weeks.

“We’re a Veteran-founded, woman-owned American business that prides ourselves on our ability to create jobs and stock all-American products to businesses throughout North America,” states our CEO, Anna Brereton.


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